jeudi 9 décembre 2010

Freeze Art Fair

Regent's Park, Londres

14 au 18 octobre 2010
Métro: Regent's Park

 Au début de Brick Lane, environ une heure avant d'aller prendre le métro
pour la Freeze...:

- (...) are you by any chance coming from the Brick Lane market?

-and where is it?

-its too late, I'm afraid. you should have followed the white rabbit

-...did you find anything?
-No, I lost my personality
-... must be hard.

-I have to say, it's relief! Every thursday morning I wake up with
myself... I just couldn't stand it anymore.
-By the way, have you been to the Freeze Art Fair?

-Yes. 'loved it. Basically, I'm freezing now
Therefore I'm looking for a warm kiss. Where are you guys from?
...France!! Can I get a kiss?

-Thanks... God, did you see that?! now I can die, I've kissed french
girls. at last. THE hardest thing to do when you're british AND gay.
See you georgeous!

Marine Bordy

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